The “Divine Miss M” takes Houston by Storm!!!

betteThe “Divine Miss M” sent Houston into a state of shock on April 29, 2014. The entire city was abuzz with the prospect of hearing this “Hollywood Icon” speak of her illustrious career, meager beginnings and how she became one of the most beloved entertainers of all time.
Bette Midler began her career as an extra in the film Hawaii (1966) and took that money she earned & relocated to New York where she worked her way into Broadway. Along the way, she starred in Miss Nefertiti Regrets and a very adult version of Cinderella by which she eventually landed the role of Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof from 1966 to 1969. Having broken into Broadway, she also landed a role in Salvation in 1969 and honed her skills becoming the incomparable actress we know today. Ms. Midler later went on to sing in the Continental Bathhouse during the summer of 1970 in New York City (yes, the FAMED Continental Bathhouse) where she met a young pianist named Barry Manilow who helped produce her first album, “The Divine Miss M” which is how she got that name. Singing in the bette2Continental Bathhouse also built up a huge following in the gay community in New York during the 70’s and those fans have been some of her most devout. From there Bette Midler went on to release several more albums, won a Tony Award and starred in one of the most memorable movies of her career, The Rose (1979) which was loosely modeled after the late Janis Joplin.
Bette Midler’s career has inspired many to pursue a career in theater but more so her “mother wit”. The night of her interview was definitely a night to remember as she filled our mind with her colorful anecdotes about life, the film industry and love. Thank you Bette Midler for such a wonderful evening and to us you will always be divine.



The holiday season of 2013 brought about a trifecta of tale2013 Headshot Colornt to Houston. The first mogul was Broadway Icon and Legendary performer, Betty Buckley! Known for her stellar performance in the first and original production of “CATS!”, Ms. Buckley made the song “Memories” a Hollywood staple that has been played in all manners of theatrical productions. Ms. Buckley has also starred in such hits as “Carrie” & many other memorable pieces throughout her illustrious career. Ms. Buckley’s performance at Houston’s Wortham Theater was definitely not to be missed. She sang some of her greatest hits and she also added some of her charming wit and told stories of Broadway life that remained close to her heart through the years, sharing her personal passions and triumphs in her career.

Actor Robert DuvallThe next Hollywood icon to grace the Wortham stage in Houston was the incomparable Robert Duvall! Known for his hard-hitting characters in “Apocalypse Now”, “The Godfather” & more recently “Lonesome Dove” Mr. Duvall was welcomed with open arms and by fans of all ages especially those of us that loved “Lonesome Dove”. Mr. Duvall took the stage by storm and gave us all anecdotes of which to live & work by…things that father figure or a beloved uncle might give in terms of advice. The lecture was a smash and Mr. Duvall was humorous as well as charming and that evening we found that he was every bit the man we believed him to be.

The last iconic thespian to grace the Wortham stage was the lovely and vivacious Diane Keaton. Star of the “The Wives Club” and past love interest of famed producer Woody Allen. Ms. Keaton has starred in a plethora of films such as “The Godfather” & “Mad Money” highlighting a golden career that has spanned decades. Ms. Keaton arrived in grand style the evening of the show and wowed us from 457the beginning. Interviewed by our founding director, Mr. Scott Brogan over a glass of wine, Ms. Keaton shared her triumphs, wishes & dreams. She spoke of her childhood and what it was like being a parent in Hollywood as well as what she hopes to accomplish in the future. Ms. Keaton’s lecture was intimate and forthright as well as informative.


Few people have had the opportunity to perform on Broadway and no one has experienced the level of success that Ms. Betty Buckley has achieved in her career.  Ms. Buckley’s love for singing began at the age of 2 when she would sing in church.  She would later blossom into a professional entertainer performing in Stephen Sondheim’s “Gypsy” at the age of 15.  Ms. Buckley would continue to hone her craft by performing in various musical reviews, summer engagements and childBettyBuckley_HoustonPress_12-16_500x600ren’s pieces.

Ms. Buckley graduated from high school to later attend Texas Christian University where her mastery of the arts manifests itself.  During her college life she earned a degree in journalism and was head cheerleader.  She was later invited to perform in the Miss America Pageant where she was discovered by a talent agent.  After college, Ms. Buckley went on to star in the Broadway musical “1776” as well as “Promises, Promises” and “Pippin”’. Her theatrical success would skyrocket after winning a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress for her role in “Cats” as well as performing in various popular television shows, plays and movies.  She’s a true Broadway Icon and has become a pillar in the entertainment community inspiring millions of people around the world who wish to sing, dance and act in front of sold out crowds on some of the world’s most demanding stages.

Ms. Betty Buckley continues to perform and wow crowds all over the world.  She recently completed several performances in San Francisco and is preparing for her performance here in Houston, TX on January 10th 2013 at The Wortham – Cullen Theater, 7:30pm.

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Violinist Edvin Marton, master of classical crossover, is currently heading to Budapest, Hungary for another leg in his world tour. One of his stops was in China where he was met with swathes of adoring fans as he stepped off the plane. Instantly he began to sign autographs and take photos. Many of which were posted to his Facebook page and website. After attending to his adoring fans Edvin made his way to his hotel for some 426662_141844816004623_1683671261_nmuch needed rest.
The China leg of his tour included performances with several other stars well known especially in the skating world and international entertainment scene. Some of his entertainment constituents were: Johnny Weir, Irina Slutskaya, Stephane Lambiel, Nathalie Pechalat, Award Winning Singer/Song writer Wan-Ting and, as ambassador to the event, world renowned actress and movie star Katie Holmes. The event was star-studded and memorable as the audience was brought to a fervor and several standing ovations througout the preformance. Edvin Marton and company did nothing less than wow and astound, giving all they had and leaving it all on the ice. The event was breathtaking, awe inspiring and a true delight for everyone in the stands. The evening was a total success and the entire group of performers left everyone in attendence clamoring for more.
Now in Hungary, Edvin is preparing to perform on September 7thedvinkatiebackground and shortly thereafter will be traveling to Houston for September 20th at 7:30 pm at the Wortham Center-Brown Theater. This will not be like any other classical performance you have seen and every leg of his tour is different from the last. Budapest performances will not look like China’s shows and Houston’s show will be different too! This is why Edvin Marton’s performances are so special…every tour destination receives a different theme and feel. Edvin Marton is the epitome of cool, refreshing & electrifying. He pushes himself to the limit with each performance and brings his Stradivarius violin to produce unbelievable music in a way only Edvin is able. Now expand your palette and witness true artistry & musical genius as the “King of Classical Crossover” sets the stage on fire…come and witness Edvin Marton!